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Decision Science

We use a thoughtful, data-driven approach to create scorecards, underwriting engines and risk models. Applying data and insights can help lenders suppress fraud, reduce defaults and keep the numbers moving in the right direction.

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Science meets art in customized campaigns that range from direct mail and online re-targeting to e-mail and retention strategies. We analyze, test and refine portfolio performance, creative response and consumer action data to optimize results. We then integrate brand-consistent communication touchpoints into websites and campaigns that drive response and conversion.

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From first contact through pay-off or renewal, our onsite customer service, loan servicing and account resolution teams provide support tailored to each of our lending partners’ needs.

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Big data or small, we dig into the numbers and look for patterns, performance, insights and ideas. Our quantitative approach provides effective solutions that drive results for the lender, strengthen the portfolio and benefit the consumer.


Each portfolio receives an integrated website, product application flow, LMS integration, underwriting engine, vendor API, database reporting, and telephony system. This delivers actionable, numbers-based insights that increase efficiency and optimize the consumer experience.

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Our compliance team reviews and monitors all marketing materials, emails, customer service interactions, disclosures, etc., to ensure all consumer communications are clear and straightforward, while following each portfolio's institution guidelines as well as federal and state regulations.