Data is one of your most valuable assets. But you may only be scratching the surface of the power that lies within the depths of this rich resource. We identify key data points that can be used to decrease risk, increase margins and scale your automation.

Innovative Solutions

Best Solution for YOUR business

Products and Services

We don’t push products. Instead, we have a full menu of offerings that we customize to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals – not just today, but every day in your company’s evolution and growth.

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Decision Science

Scientific data analysis, processes and algorithms are used to extract knowledge, develop products or provide insights from your data.

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Payment Processing

Compliant and controlled interface that enables FI’s to generate low-cost transfers to collect payments and distribute funds.

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Product Strategy

Business process analysis incorporating market conditions and partner goals helps  create successful product paths

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Risk Mitigation

Decision science provides a constant analysis of all influential factors in your data to empower quick risk-related actions.

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Software development and system interface analysis customized to your specific needs, market position and objectives.

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A complex regulatory environment requires ongoing, diligent compliance evaluations to ensure your SaaS functions properly


Who are our typical partners?

BorrowWorks Partners areBanksFintechLenders

Banks, fintech, processors, lenders and related organizations rely on our powerful combination of technology intelligence, risk management experience and compliance expertise to help them take new products to market.

Small banks become big banks with our compliant technology and data solutions. Mining all transaction types, we turn big data into big business.

Money moves at the speed of light and customers expect instant feedback. Our mobile-friendly integrations deliver funds straight to consumer pockets.

Track cost, volume and defaults with our smart scorecards. We make generational shifts in your models so you can scale profit with less cost and reduced risk.

What can our partners expect?

A multi-layered approach

We take a complete approach to our solutions. Cloud architecture, database, security, user experience, and application integrations are all critical to maximizing success at every point in the transaction.
  • User Interface / User Experience
    Since customers are quick to abandon a service if the user experience (UX) is frustrating, we place a great emphasis a science-driven user interface (UI) design.
  • Cloud Architecture and SaaS
    This layer is comprised of on-premise assets, cloud resources, Software as a Service (SaaS) and middleware.
  • Database and Security
    The foundation of any fintech product is a well-managed database that employs the highest level of data security.
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