Quality data drives

Intelligent Solutions

We obsess over creating elegant technology solutions, using data analytic tools, and marketing pathways to grow our partner’s businesses through robust and scalable solutions.


Bringing together teams of experts in four different disciplines – data analytics, engineering, lead generation and user experience – gives our financial clients the ability to provide credit to millions of people with scalable products and services. It’s all part of our commitment to delivering better ways to borrow.

Real-Time Decision Underwriting
Today’s consumers expect to receive instant credit decisions. We develop and maintain risk assessment strategies that can be utilized for these point-of-sale transactions, allowing you to deliver quick – but data-validated – decisions.
Risk Strategies that Maximize Portfolio Probability
We help our partners build risk strategies that maximize returns without being reckless. We minimize your risk by utilizing aggregated date, advanced information analytics and efficient underwriting techniques.
Scoring Model Development and Maintenance
Combining access to extensive amounts of data with our industry-leading human capital and top-notch expertise allows us to develop advanced scoring models to solve your biggest business problems.
Analytical Consulting
Using our highly sought-after expertise, we create efficient, reliable roadmaps and strategies for our clients built upon their short- and long-term goals. This helps clients evaluate and transform data analytics into solid business decisions.
High Performance, Scalable Applications
Because performance doesn’t scale perfectly linearly, we build components with a parallelism and asynchronism mindset. Designing for maintenance and automation, while also striving for statelessness, we provide customers with the best experience possible.
Microservice Architecture
When developing a large application, modular services are built to perform one thing extremely well to meet a specific business goal. In addition to providing a solid security mechanism, virtualization of microservices lets us swap components in and out of our stack without downtime.
Innovative Solutions
Since we’re unencumbered by legacy systems, we’re able to quickly develop solutions that compete with traditional methods of delivering financial services. Digitizing the FinTech marketplace has changed our customers’ expectations of credit decisioning speed, giving them increased profits and flexibility.
Finance is all about risk, trust and security within an ever-changing ecosystem. From authentication to encryption and fraud to data privacy, we continuously move forward with an eye toward the regulations, methods and strategies that ensure our partners retain their customers’ trust.
We have a multitude of relationships in the marketplace with proprietary valuation algorithms to drive volume and deliver financial performance. When leads are presented to our platform, we make Lifetime Value decisions in seconds based on databases that contain an appreciable share of the addressable market.
Traditional Marketing
When done correctly, mass marketing can still deliver ROI that exceeds your hurdle rate. We seamlessly integrate traditional mass media channels into a digital attribution pipeline as part of a comprehensive, 360-degree marketing platform that drives powerful results in the competitive financial services field.
Digital Marketing
We specialize in comparing first loan profitability against the lifetime value of the customers that responded to your blue background email vs your red background social media post. We deliver leading-edge, big-data analytics on high-speed cloud platforms into clean, crisp dashboards for your executive team.
Product Ideation
We specialize in hyper-fast iterations on our client products. A team of analysts and creative UX specialists use cutting-edge big data to propel your customers through the sales funnel. We make data-driven decisions and implement them into your hosted technology stack in hours, not months.
User Research
Using proven data-driven research, we create an enticing user experience for our partners’ businesses. Utilizing analytics tools to populate archives, we build user personas, journey maps and customer touchpoint diagrams.
User Testing
User testing is a cyclic process of extensive evaluation in which the designer’s concept fulfills the end users’ needs. Our ability to split test a consumer base helps us identify points of resistance and improve upon existing products.
User Interface Design
Customer interactions through journey touchpoints follow a design logic, along with a specific look and feel. Adhering to UX best practices, our user interaction designs provide a smooth flow and avoid complicated, confusing layouts.
Design Systems
Consistent design is imperative to creating a seamless and coherent user experience. A design system creates a design specification library that the product brand and language follow to keep all stakeholders on the same page.
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Mobile First Customer Experiences

Data continues to show that for most sites, a majority of traffic comes from mobile devices. This is a critical fact of life for all business and media web sites. Our design process puts the mobile experience first.